We made it through the winter. Yes, it was a little harsher than we are used to, but if you were anything like me you had that chance to stay in and be thankful for our warmth, a roof over our head, and that time when we can take time to talk with God.

Easter is close at hand and we can now see the start of God’s renewal of trees budding, plants poking through the ground, and robins bouncing around.

We continue through Lent and proceed into Holy Week remembering that Christ entered into the town already knowing what was going to happen at the end of the
week. How saddened he must have been to see so many greet him with shouts of joy, and seeing some of those same people shouting CRUCIFY HIM!!! at the end of the week.

How are we with Holy Week? Are we crucifying Christ or are we standing with him? Are we denying him as Peter did? Or do we say YES I know that man?
This Easter season let us say YES, JESUS we know him and want to follow him. Ask for forgiveness and ask him to come into your heart. Allow him to work on you and through you. Give him the opportunity to use you for the betterment of our world. As we come to Spring allow him to renew you for his names sake.

1 John 1:8-9
Gracious God: Guide my heart and thoughts to study your word so I am able to see your way clear enough to stay on the right path. Bless our fellow man and give them the courage to stand for you. AMEN

Pastor Crystal