The trustees are the group of members that are entrusted with the upkeep and maintenance of the building that houses our congregation. They discuss the physical problems of the building, they get estimates on repairs and maintenance projects and oversee they work that is done. They see that the snow and ice is removed from the parking area and the walks around the building.The trustees also make sure the grass gets mowed and the building gets cleaned. Twice each year the trustees schedule the fall and spring clean up days. The trustees see that the AC and heating systems are operating at their peak efficiency.

Anytime you feel or see that there is a problem with the building please speak to one of the trustees and tell him or her your concerns.


Dave Witherite, Paula Royer, Grag Ahles, Mike Frazier, Dale Brooks, Bob Witherite, Rodney Brungart, Gary walker, Harold Brooks or Perry Courter, Chairman.

The trustees meet every other month starting with the first Monday of February in the fellowship hall starting at 7:00 PM